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Essential End: "Deadwood" Album Review

Essential End's "Deadwood" came out and conquered. Starting off with the self-titled track, you can instantly feel your surroundings change as the music collides in a beautiful, yet metal sound. Typically, I am not one for vocals that aren't clean, but this singer added an edge to an already powerful song.

The theme through the album seems to be inspired by both new rock and old, with strong riffs along with smooth sounds and the heaviness of the old school 80's hair metal. Tad Davis' voice compliments the melodies of each individual track, and Brady Hearn's skills on the drum are not to be matched.

You can feel the unity in the hit, "Sacrifice," as it solidifies the bands presence, and the passion in the album speaks for itself. Scott Hearn and Conner Green gave me a brief reminder of some of the greatest bands of all time, Disturbed, with their style. For starting out only two years prior the release of this album, it's amazing that they have come this far. Watch out world, you'll need to meet Essential End.

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