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Letters From the Fire: New Vocals add some spice to this already blazing hot band!

Chances that you have heard of this legendary band, with founder Mike Keller as guitarist, are very high. They have been everywhere, touring with the greats and producing with Ben Moody of Evanescence, and many other notable names. Previously starting as Park Lane, they transitioned and refined over time, looking to make themselves a name in a sea of heavy rock when changing to female vocalist Alexa Kabazie, and releasing their first female lead vocals album, "Worth the Pain." They have always produced amazing music over the years, but now adding a bit of flare with the steady yet brilliant sound that is Letter From the fire, their album is shedding more light than ever on their brand. Check them out on, and chances are you may be in a city where they are playing from September through November on their US Tour.

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