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Eva Under Fire: "Anchors" Album Review

Ashley Wiener -

Eva Under Fire's debut Album, "Anchors," will have you hooked from first song to last. First founded in 2015, the band has made great strides, performing with household names such as Lacey Sturm, formerly of Flyleaf and with a strong female vocalist on point and in tune with her melodious background, it's no wonder they are making waves in the rock city capital of Detroit. Two of my favorite songs from the Album have pretty unique styles in themselves.

'Betrayer' appeals to the hardcore side of my nature, taking me back to greats such as Amy of Evanescence in vocals while keeping rock heavy with Killswitch Engaged influenced style. I find this to be a beautifully hardcore mixture in itself.. My other favorite hit, "Summer Sun" gives me a new feeling altogether from the latter song, making me feel alive in a new way. Still keeping with the strong lead vocals, but with a softer riff and a delicate touch to the still rock influenced style is a great way to keep my interest alive.

Of course, every song on this album is one that I can enjoy, Which is so admirably unusual in this industry, that it makes me so grateful to have received the album personally! Don't let yourself pass an opportunity to listen to this band - they are a hot commodity and will only go up from here!

Ike Duncan -

'Anchors' from Eva Under Fire can be described in one word-- refreshing. And for many different reasons. The voice of Amanda Lyberg demands attention on a level unheard of since Amy Lee's first efforts. Whatever 'it' is, this young woman has it. There's an unmistakeable, passionate honesty in every note. The music itself is both progressively bold and familiar, towing the line between the styles of Killswitch Engage and Paramore, but Eva Under Fire swears no allegiance to any particular 'type' of sound, and it shows. As a whole, 'Anchors' is a journey, seething in a joyous purge of emotion. From the furiously melodic opening of 'Betrayer,' to the contemplative masterpiece of its finale 'Failures,' this is an incredibly strong debut for a band with unlimited potential. Check them out, tell me I'm wrong.

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